The Orca Investment Platform tackles risk through a number of methods, listed below.

Diversifying your investment across a large number of borrowers, lending sectors and P2P platforms is the best way to protect your investment. Investing through Orca is designed to make this as easy, effective and efficient as possible.

Investment structure
P2P platforms themselves pose a risk. Orca has designed this product to ensure that we, ourselves, do not compound this risk.  Our investment structure has been carefully considered, ensuring that all investments are made in your name and your uninvested funds are held within a segregated bank. If Orca were to become insolvent, you would be given access to your underlying P2P accounts and segregated bank account.

Orca monitors the P2P market, paying particular attention to the P2P platforms that are included in the Orca portfolio. Our research and analysis have been important to the curation of the Orca portfolio and ensure that we remain aware of market changes on a real-time basis.

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