Please note: Orca's services are currently free and we will not charge fees until April 2020.

After April 2020:
When you invest with us, we will charge your first year’s fee, which is non-refundable, and which will be calculated 0.65% multiplied by the money you invest. Subsequent years’ fees will then be charged in arrears and calculated as the average value of your investment amount over the year, adjusted for any top-ups or withdrawals, multiplied by 0.65%. We will automatically redeem this fee from your portfolio, which is described in more details in our terms and conditions, from cash, where possible, or from an “easy access” account.

Some of the underlying P2P platforms that you are invested in may charge their own fees for early access to money. Those fees will be charged to your accounts at the respective platforms as is standard. You can read more about the terms and conditions of the underlying P2P platforms here.

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