Once funds have been transferred to your Modulr Account (held with Santander), our team will update your portfolio - funds will initially be held in ‘Cash’ before they are ‘Invested’. If these amounts seem incorrect, it could be for a couple reasons.


Funds have not reached your Modulr Account yet

Depending on the method of transfer (e.g, BACS or Faster Payments), it can take a couple of days for funds to reach your Modulr Account. This means your Orca portfolio may reflect ‘£0’. Check a few days after you made the transfer, and if the figures have not updated, please get in touch.


Your Orca portfolio has not been updated yet

A member of Orca will update your Orca portfolio display with the amount deposited in your Modulr Account. This will be reflected in the ‘Total Cash’ section of your portfolio. While updating your portfolio display will usually happen quickly, it can take longer depending on when the funds were transferred (e.g, early hours in the morning / weekend hours / public holidays).


Your funds are sitting in cash waiting to be invested

Funds will remain in ‘Cash’ until a member of Orca opens accounts on the P2P platforms and lends your cash, in line with your portfolio allocation. Once the P2P accounts have been opened and funded, the ‘Total Invested’ figure within your Orca portfolio display will update.


If you have any queries regarding the data displayed in your Orca portfolio, or the asset allocation, please get in touch by emailing [email protected] or message us on Live Chat.

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